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Event notice: Starting February 1st our new promo event will be as follows New customers who sign up with hammy's hosting and sign up with display 1 on our website which is for 10 slots you will receive 100 slots for 2 months so 1 month free of 100 slots and 100 slots for the price of 10 slots, wow what a deal!!! and even more for those new customers who sign up for 100 slots display 5 you will receive 250 slots for 3 months so you get 2 months free of 250 slots and 1 month of 250 slots for the price of 100 slots now that a deal you just cant pass up!!!! please visit our website and/or message Hammy for more details this offer will only last for the month of February so sign up soon and receive your amazing promo deal from Hammy's Hosting!

We are going to Conduct an event For World of Tanks Players who sign up with us, so event follows you need to sign up for 1 of our services and send a email to the Founder conquer86@live.com with you account email and what service you signed up for and we will do the draw at the end of the month and you could win 250 Slots in any location for 6 Months free!!! Now that is a deal and one heck of a Promo!! So sign up now and win a chance at a free server with Hammy's Hosting!!! Enjoy!

We are running a x2 promo for the next few months we dont have an end date right now this will carry on for all customers even past the close day this is 1 of our biggest promos yet and look forwards to seeing all the new customers and if you stay with Hammy's Hosting you will recieve the x2 until you terminate your account!!!

Event notice: This Month Hammy's Hosting will be giving out free servers to those who recommend someone to our Conpany, You will receive the equal server to the customer your have refered to us and you will keep this Server as long as they continue with a paid service with Hammy's Hosting, We recommend keeping in Touch with this friend, clan member, family member due to the issue if they cancel, your server will be selected for shutdown and possibly deleted if you do not want to continue with a paid service with us!! Please be advised this event will Only be for a short Time!!

New and Existing Customers will be added to a pool to have your name drawn for and upgrade to your server 5 extra slots or up to 500 extra slots who knows!!! this is a event drawn buy our Random User Selection Program and this will give equal Options to anyone Selected!! We will be doing multi draws all month long for many different prizes and rewards we might even do gift cards to a local resturant of your choice for a night out with the family so stay tuned and wait from a private email from Hammy!!

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